Pesquisa de ADR e Postos de Colheita COVID-19
Coronavírus | COVID-19


Programa Nacional
para a Saúde Mental
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    Has superhuman strength and mass;Is nigh-invulnerable; Has powers that increase as the situation becomes more dramatic;Does not seem to require oxygen;Cannot keep his balance if his antennae are removed.
    Has slime & stench secreting spikes on his suit enable him to stick on any surface;Is equipped with lemon grenades, butter shooters, bars of soap and other various apparel to aid him in his underground endeavors; Has an oxygen tank and mask which enable him to breath in the thickest of sewer sludge;Has a submarine that he garbage-picked.
Has a suit that enables wobbly flight;Has an accounting background.

RSE - Area Cidadão
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